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Skin Stringa Black + Sole Drive Black


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SOLE: For the travel expert, a minimal and extra versatile sole. A 6 mm thick rubber structure that allows for hyper sensory feedback and great flexibility to follow the natural function of the foot whilst still giving the protection, grip and durability you need to explore your environment safely. Combination tips: perfect for any situation, from the Monday meeting when combined with business skins and for a gym session when combined with Active skins.
SKIN: One of our great classics. Stringa which means “lace” in Italian, is a hyper minimal lace-up skin with a Brogue construction. The form is purely generated by it’s function and the lateral cut generates a natural, form fitting curve of the skin.

Color: Black

Materials : Rubber

Gender : 423

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  • EU 36 US US Woman Size5.5
  • EU 37 US US Woman Size6.5
  • EU 39 US US Man Size6.5 US Woman Size8
  • EU 40 US US Man Size7 US Woman Size8.5
  • EU 41 US US Man Size8 US Woman Size9.5
  • EU 42 US US Man Size8.5 US Woman Size10
  • EU 43 US US Man Size9.5 US Woman Size11
  • EU 44 US US Man Size10 US Woman Size11.5
  • EU 45 US US Man Size11
  • EU 46 US US Man Size12
  • EU 47 US US Man Size13
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Product details

Cod.: SH13

SOLE: Great flexibility Hyper sensory feedback Excellent grip and durability
SKIN: Premium leather upper Embossed “A” logo on tongue 5 mm round waxed laces

travel light

Our skins lay flat and each pair takes the space of a t-shirt.
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Mix and match skins and soles to fit any occasion.
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Reduce your CO2. Share your sole and recycle your Skins.
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